Our Mandate:

F WORD seeks to explore feminism in its present-day cultural context as a unifying, anti-oppressive, intersectional force. We seek to provide an accessible community resource through inclusive, constructive multi-media content.Through our collective's non-hierarchical structure, we aim to challenge and move away from existing systems of oppression.

F WORD Publication

About the Publication

F WORD is a biannual publication featuring various kinds of original visual and written content that discusses feminism(s). We recognize the many contexts and implications of current-day feminism(s) and aim to productively expand the conversation around these feminism(s). We are a meeting place for ideas and thoughts.

F WORD aims to be a resource though which contributors and readers can share ideas, build community, foster empowerment and create connections across varying dimensions of difference.

F WORD Collective

About the Collective

The publication is organized by a collective, which serves as a collaborative decision-making unit. Members of the collective work together to put out the publication, organize workshops and activist events, hold discussion groups, and foster every-day active involvement in feminist thought and practice.

In addition to the publication, F WORD coordinates a blog and website to share multimedia submissions outside of the publication, and connect with the larger online community/ conversation. The F WORD blog is a more informal platform for sharing feminist art and information. We actively work to encourage a sense of community that extends beyond the McGill gates. We utilize social media – like our Facebook page – to promote and communicate with our broader community.

Interested in joining the collective? Check out our “Get Involved” page.